Tapestry Comfort English Long Girth


Incredible girth for sale! SO comfy for your horse!


Equestrians using our Long English girth feel the increased performance in their horses – longer striding, more relaxed canter, deeper and more relaxed breathing, and many have said they find the distances between jumps easier to achieve.

The  Internationally Patented Tapestry Comfort Girth is a premium girth that can improve performance and competitiveness in your horse producing freer, more natural movement.

If you happen to have a sensitive, or girthy horse, you absolutely must try this product. It will change your relationship with your horse.


Size 44″ – 56″

Colour: Havana and Black available in certain sizes.

Sizing & Care Instructions 

What Riders Say:

“I’ve used the Tapestry Comfort Girth on 10+ horses. I find their toplines to be softer, and they have a quicker desire to stretch into the bridle. Those that are irritated by being girthed, now stand with a leg resting and an at ease face. I just put it on a client horse the other day and the owner was surprised she wasn’t making faces and trying to nip! I use it on everyone now! I highly recommend it!”
Cedar Potts-Warner, Assistant Trainer at Baroque Farms in KY
“The girth you sent me is phenomenal! it makes such a difference on the mare that is funny about the girth. I’ve never seen anything work quite that well!”
Stephen Bradley, US Eventing Olympian, Winner of Burghley Horse Trials
More testimonials: https://tapestryequineproducts.com/pages/testimonial


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