EquineLUX ComfortLUX non-slip JUMPER half-pad



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– MERINO sheepskin lining offers all of the advantages of wool over synthetic fibers, providing efficient shock absorption and superior thermal comfort. Sheepskin contains lanolin, a natural substance, which soothes the horse’s sensitive or inflamed skin. When sheepskin is set directly against the animal’s body, it stimulates blood circulation and promotes a therapeutic effect.

– “Open-channel” design alleviates excessive pressure from the horse’s spine and promotes increased air circulation.

– Two large pockets are designed specifically to ensure proper fit of the saddle and comfort for the horse by accommodating both specialized and custom-made shims.

– The Non-Slip mesh upper assures perfect grip and steadily secures the ComfortLUX Half-Pad under the saddle.

– High Resiliency open-cell foam shims (included in the package) allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus minimizing pressure points.

– The hypoallergenic and springy 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric, used as the core material, provides efficient moisture vapor transfer, reduces heat build-up, and guarantees excellent breathability of the half-pad.

– A special knitted structure of the 3-D Spacer fabric allows ComfortLUX Half-Pad to dry out fast, preventing sheepskin from bacterial growth rotting.
Product care:

Hand washing is recommended. Wash your half-pad with sheepskin in cold or lukewarm water (up to 40 C / 108 F) ideally using a shampoo designed for sheepskin. A quality sheepskin shampoo removes stains, and sheepskin conditioner contains a conditioning agent to keep the performance of the wool fibre. Do not use a regular soap or washing detergents containing enzymes or bleach. These chemicals counter-act the tanning process causing damage to the genuine sheepskin fur and leather. Do not to use hot water when washing sheepskin. Hot water may damage the pelt of the sheepskin.

It is not advised to put the saddle pad in the dryer. Hang your half-pad to dry by laying it over a rail, line, or a drying rack.

Made in Canada.


17" – 17 1/2", 18" – 18 1/2", 19" – 19 1/2"


white, black, white and black


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