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The Story of ISellTack.com

French Used Saddles | High-end Fittings | Back on Track | Jin Stirrups | DeNiro Boots | Majyk Equipe | EquineLUX | Draper | PJ | Royal Rider Stirrups


ISellTack.com is the vision and expertise of Rachel Schaeffer, starting with her love of horses, and extending into her love of shopping (especially when it comes to nice saddles and tack!). In order to bring her favorite equestrian items to you, she began ISellTack.com based on her fundamental love of French saddles and beautiful tack. Because a French saddle was not in her budget, she thought that there had to be other people out there looking for a French used saddle who didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Rachel started with 1 saddle in stock, 1 saddle rack and her iPhone as her camera. Fast forward to 2015 and ISellTack.com has 5 team members, usually has 75-100 saddles in stock at all times, has 30+ saddle racks, a professional photo studio complete with a backdrop, lighting system, etc. and a super nice camera so that the items listed for sale look fabulous in the pictures. Rachel can be seen at barns and shows all over the mid-atlantic area and is headed to Florida for a few days in February/March of 2015. We are always ready to answer your questions about saddles – whether you are buying or selling or just need help deciphering the codes. Feel free to email pictures and questions to [email protected]. We also take appointments at our location near Frederick, MD where you can come and visit “saddle heaven”!

Her online marketing help came from friend and long time online marketer and fellow equestrian, CJ Millar. Together, they took Rachel’s great vision and budding business, and grew it into a full scale, online and mobile store. CJ rides in a French Voltaire Design saddle, and loves all things Draper Therapies and Royal Rider, so naturally, CJ and Rachel were able to see the importance of bringing these and other great producs such as PJ Saddles, DeNiro Boots, Majyk Equipe boots, EquineLUX saddle pads, Jin Stirrups and more, to the entire equine world.


The fundamental belief is for us to help you find the tack you want, at a price you can afford!