2015 CWD 2Gs S2 17.5″ 3C Flaps 4.5″ Tree FULL Buffalo

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Incredible, Stunning, Full-buffalo CWD 2Gs Plus $1000+ in Bonus Accessories!

Original price was: $5,875.00.Current price is: $4,475.00.

“Simply breathtaking” describes this STUNNING, PRISTINE, full buffalo CWD 2Gs S2! This extremely grippy and well balanced work of art features a seat which measures 17.5″ and 3C flaps measuring closer to 4C specs of 15″ long x 15″ wide. These flaps are long and forward and would be ideal for a tall rider but also a shorter rider which may be long hip to knee. The panels and tree will fit a wide variety of horses and would be perfect for a professional who rides a lot of horses or wants the best tree and fit for their own horse. These exceptional saddles retail for around $8,000.

This unbelievable package saves you THOUSANDS of dollars on high-quality tack and comes complete with:

  • New, waterproof, CWD saddle cover
  • Calf, lined stirrup leathers
  • Silver, original Jin Stirrups (retails for $239)
  • Antares, hunter martingale with stopper (retails for $200)

Trials are welcome. Text anytime: 240-643-3989.


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