2013 Bruno Delgrange Virtuose 17.5″ 4A Flaps Regular 4″ Tree

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UNREAL Delgrange and CWD jumper package! Delgrange Virtuoses saddle, CWD bridle & CWD belly guard girth!


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What a fantastic saddle! Brunos are one of our favorite. saddles. ever. This 2013 deep seat Virtuose will help hold you in place better than velcro! The seat measures 17.5″ and the flaps are regular, not super forward 4A flaps. The flaps measure 12.75″ long (with the cutout – so really more like 13.25″-ish on a regular flap) and 13.25″ wide. The tree is a regular 4″ tree.

This saddle sells with:

– Delgrange saddle cover
– CWD figure 8 bridle, size 1, no reins (rubber PJ reins available for extra)
– CWD 46″ jumper girth

Just add a bit, reins and a saddle pad and you are good to go! Trial available. Text anytime 240-643-3989.


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