We’re in full swing for show season around most of the country, and while it was a long, cold, horrible winter where I live, it’s already starting to feel like summer here in the Northeast, with days in the mid 80s and humid. And we all know it’s only going to get hotter from here.

If you’re like me, you love to show, but hate the heat, and so do your horses. So I’ve pulled together a list of must-haves that get me and my horses through the day when we’re at a show.

  • Equiflexsleeves. Can’t live without them. They take the guesswork and human error out of standing and shipping wraps, and offer consistent support that is cool and breathable compared to bulkier wraps. Easy on and off, and you can use them under shipping boots for added support. I’ve ditched my standing wraps and keep these on the trailer instead, and they go right on my horses after their jumping classes to keep their legs supported.
  • Draper Therapies Anti-Sweat Sheet. Love it to keep my horse cool and dust-free ringside, and I can even mist it or dampen it to keep them cool while we’re waiting to show. Better than a basic scrim, it has therapeutic properties to keep my horse loose and relaxed between classes, and it’s washer and dryer safe, so if it gets dusty while we wait for our classes, no worries! Just toss it in the washer and dryer and it’s ready for the next show!
  • Samshield helmet. Love this so much, I bought a second one to school in. I get headaches easily from the heat, and I sweat a lot thanks to a mild thyroid issue that pretty much makes wearing a helmet feel like I’m riding around with one of those big bowl hairdryers from the salon on top of my head. But not with my Samshield. Actual airflow and a removable liner, along with their new premium liner that removes all pressure points from the front of my forehead, and I can finally show safely and happily, all while looking dashingly stylish of course!
  • Boyd Martin Show Jumping Boots by Majyk Equipe. Cool, lightweight, with incredible protection. You just can’t ask for a better jumping boot. These open front boots are hands down in my opinion the best on the market. The air strike pad offers superior protection, and the ventilated shell ensures your horse’s legs don’t overheat in the jumper ring. For schooling, I love their Series 2 boots also!
  • Equi Cool Down everything! Yup, I’m obsessed. I recently tried their products at a show, and it was hot (mid 80s) and humid, and like I said earlier I know it’s only going to get hotter. My big black horse is high strung, and sweats easily and profusely and he was schooling midday which meant I had to keep him cool tied to the trailer, while getting my hunter ready for his classes, and keep him cool while I showed my other horse until we had a break. Everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING in their product line is amazing. The leg wraps were key as my black horse is recovering from hind suspensory damage, so cooling his legs after a workout is very important. The body and neck wrap kept him cool, and the head cap was great under my ballcap between rounds (it also fits under a helmet!). And even after being on him for over an hour, the neck wrap was still so cool that me and my friends were passing it around and using it on us. If you haven’t used their products, definitely check them out. Far easier and longer lasting than cold hosing, and the fact that they have products for humans too just makes it even better! Check out Sky sporting his Equi Cool Down outfit looking happy as can be at the trailer.


equi cool down cooling products for horses

So there you have it, my summer show must-haves! Do you have anything to add? What are your favorite products to keep cool in the heat of summer? Share your stories in the comments below!