Our client, Sally T. from Canada had such nice things to say about the CWD SE03, that we had to create a blog post just from her testimonial! We have to agree. The SE03 is one of our favorite CWD models!

“I tried 3 models of CWD. The SE01, SE02 and SE03. Each one was wonderful. The SE03 was the last one I tried and I really felt like Goldilocks! Third one is the just right!

Everything about this saddle is fantastic. But first, I must say, this is my first CC saddle I have ever had that has blocks. I usually use a very flat saddle with no blocks at all. However, once I sat in this saddle I couldn’t tell there were blocks. Nothing inhibited my feel. I could feel every muscle in my horse moving under me. I had to look down quite a few times to have a look at this saddle because it looks like a lot of saddle but it’s incredibly sensitive like its a super thin French leather saddle. But my SE03 is buffalo I’m 99% sure.

CWDs have rubber ends on the trees so the horses shoulders aren’t hurt by ill fitting trees. These 3 trees all fit most horses. My horse has a low wither with a linebacker’s shoulder. This SE03 and the other 2 CWDs I tried, all fit her beautifully and all 3 had slightly different trees.

The twist in this saddle is wonderful. I am truly an 80% leg/20% hand rider so the twist is super important to me. It makes or breaks the saddle for me. I can’t ride in Tad Coffin saddles for instance, the twist is too low for me. All the CWDs had great twist. I felt like I could ride without a bridle on my horse and just steer with my legs.

I can’t say enough good about this saddle. It rocks! I recommend the SE03 if you are looking for a perfect feel.”

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