Recently I had the chance to test out the all new Draper Therapies quick wraps. Basically they are standing wraps, but with mesh attached for easy and fast on and off. Coupled with Celliant’s wonderful healing properties (like all Draper Therapies products have), they’re a must have for any horse person.

I tested out the wraps in two very different scenarios so far. First, I took them with me camping up in the Adirondacks where my young 5yo Morgan/QH rescue got to spend a lot of time on trail. It was a newer experience for him, because while he’s done trails at home, the rough, steep, and rocky terrain of the Adirondacks is far more challenging than anything he had ever seen before. We covered miles of trails all week long, and he handled it like a champ. But after the long rides, in order to make sure he was ready to go again, I wanted to offer his legs some support and speed up the recovery time after long hard trail rides.

Logan after a long day on trail, sporting his Draper Therapies quick wraps. The best part about them was that not only are they easy to use and fast to put on, but they fit all of my horses and come in a variety of sizes as well! (Note Logan’s Draper Therapies saddle pad in the background also.)

The Draper Therapies quick wraps were perfect! Easy to put on and off, even my young, often cranky after a long trail ride, not wanting to stand still horse was happy to stand and have his legs wrapped. I’d often wrap him after we cooled out after our ride, and then returned him to his small paddock. At dinner time, I’d unwrap him and his legs were tight and cool with no signs of the hard work they’d done all day.

The second time I tested out the wraps, they came with me still on the trailer from the camping trip, to an away show about 3h north of my farm. I brought several horses, including my antsy, high strung OTTB mare who tends to stock up if she doesn’t move around enough, and my seasoned Selle Francais show gelding who is recovering from Lyme disease.

The mare, Opal, gets stocky if she’s not turned out regularly – she lives outside 24/7 at home – standing in a stall except for a handful of classes over the course of 2 nights and 2 full days was definitely a challenge. We’re working on getting her settled and more focused in the show ring outside of jumpers (she loves jumpers), so she was doing a handful of hunter and equitation classes spaced out between both days.

The gelding, Tyler, is recovering from long term, low grade Lyme disease, and after hard work tends to be overall achy and sore. He doesn’t stock up, but he does show some signs of arthritis coupled with the added complications of Lyme, and keeping him comfortable without turnout to keep his joints moving was also incredibly important.

We shipping in Friday evening with the focus of getting both horses (and my other horse that my student was showing) settled in their stalls and get ourselves settled in for the night. This meant coming straight off a 3h trailer ride to no turnout and just some hand-walking and a light longe before they were stalled for the night. Since the mare was fine (so far), I opted to wrap the gelding since I know trailering can cause him some soreness. I also used his Draper Therapies sheet so that he would be comfortable all night long.

The next morning, Tyler was calm and whinnying for breakfast, and when I took him for a walk to get him moving, he showed none of the signs of stiffness that I had expected! Opal was still okay since it was just one night in, and once I was done with Tyler, I made sure to get her out and longed before getting ready for the show for the day.

Tyler was quite proud of himself after winning several of his classes in his debut back in the show ring!

All weekend long was a lot of hustle and bustle with no time to re-roll standing bandages and wraps, and re-wrap horses. Having 3 horses and just 2 people at a show kept our hands full as it was, and managing Opal and Tyler’s special needs added another layer of challenge. The second night, Tyler had moved around more and was feeling good, but Opal was getting antsy from spending so much time in the stall, so she got to use the quick wraps. The next morning, fully expecting her to be somewhat stocked up from going on day 2 without turnout and just minimal exercise, I unwrapped her to find her legs cool and solid. Yay!

Sunday was more of the same, with both horses doing better than expected, thanks in part to Draper’s great products. We ended the weekend all tired and a bit sore from all of the work, and loaded up to get ready to head home. Tyler got to wear the wraps to ship home, since he showed more and was more sensitive to the trailer ride than Opal, and when we got home again he was moving better than expected.

For all three horses, the Draper wraps proved to be quicker and easier to use than traditional standing wraps, and I really loved how the mesh applied even pressure across the entire wrap rather than just using elastic bands to hold the wrap in place. The horses all loved them, and of course with Celliant, they all benefitted from increased circulation and faster recovery time from their various workouts they completed, and I was a happy owner. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t have two or more sets, especially when showing with three horses! They really are that great and easy to use, and there will definitely be several more pairs on my trailer before I haul out to my next adventure.

Want to try the Draper Therapies quick wraps for yourself? Let us know and can order them for you! Have questions? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get you more information on this great new product. We love the Draper Therapies quick wraps and give them two very enthusiastic thumbs up!